October 21, 2010

Futsal People!

I won second place in futsal! Eh, WE WON SECOND PLACE IN FUTSAL :) .

I can believe it. I weren't that good but with the help of Shida "my defence partner", Sya "Striker" , Dayah ,Qilla "mid field" and our princess, Ana "Goal Keeper", we can rule the Dataran :P . Wow, I never thought that futsal can be fun, I guess. HAHA .

Okay here is the list of winners:

  • First place ; TEAM KUAT (memang kuat pun :) )
  • Second place ; Mamma Mia (US)
  • Third place ; Manchelive (Shikin kot)
  • 4th place ; Eutopia ! (Love that nama babayy!)
Okayy, enough of the chit-chatting and let write a poem :D ;

KAA is a class which suppose to be girly,
Wearing long tudung and be quite,
But, comes a girl who wants a little change of the thingy,
Shows us a sport which boys wanted,
"Ahh" always comes out of a mouth that is blabby,
The girl never gives up and do nothing,
She begs and pleads with no backing,
Ends the story with KAA football-ing .


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