October 23, 2010

Girl Without Words

I am stressed out, and all I can do is confess in blogger or in my diary which a book that I hadn't open for ages.

Do you want to know what my dream is?

I want to be a girl full of words. But it's just that every time I am trying to tell people about my feelings, I ended up talking about Japanese or Korean hotties. How can I open my mind to them ? How? Sometimes I think that If I open up, they might just say "Uhmm" "okayy" "Huh?" "What?" . Actually I know they will say that, I'm sure of it. Since I am a loser, so why border listening right?

Ahh naik bertee guaa. Better I stop before the person who is reading doesn't feel confuse.

Tillehooo ;( .


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