October 23, 2010


I thought I just miss one of them but in fact I miss the both of them. Dumb right? I know, but I just can't help it. Even though one of them might already doesn't know who I am and the other one might just live on her life but I still wants them. I don't care if they had other "best friend forever" but please be my best friend ? Just best friends? Yess, I know, I know. Can't right? Because I am so much of a loser and too stupid to hang around with you or to even chat with you guys aite?

Even though you guys said the I am wrong but I still know that I'm right.We used to have our little sweet name right? BFF, it doesn't mean best friend forever. The meaning of our BFF is truly just based on me right? Because it is just me that is "BFF" .

Why is it that i am the only one that border about you guys. The two of you are still friends, everyone knows it. But me? Where to put me? Oh My Louis Vuitton, am I tired or what? Me, me, me , me ! It is always me. If you guys want to know, since kindrgarden I doesn't have any best friends untill I met you guys. But now I kinda think you guys are the same as everyone else.

This post is written while I was crying and sobbing * sob sob ;(


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