October 19, 2010

What a Blast!

Today is a blast at Kuala Gandah,Pahang, Malaysia! I met some deers, bears, elephants, many others and hmm hmm hmm .

Question: I can tell the truth here right?
Answer: Yes! Yes!

It's not that fun at first, it was so hot and I can't stand it! But, by a glimpse I saw a boy named Martin. He is from swiss and he is kinda hot. HAHA, what am I kidding, he was super duper duper hot. Yeah thats right, I met a hot boy! HAHA. Too much huh? Oh yeah , I also made a poem (^^)

Here it goes,

At Kuala Gandah with its hot weather,
Martin walk besides me with full tender,
Into my friends lenses you stare,
A little smile flows then and there,
Meeting you I simply forget something ,somewhere,
So joyful moment I had to share,
Everyone was in this love affair,
But how come YAMAPI is toss out there?

Thank you! HAHA


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