November 18, 2010

My Little Crush

I totally getting my eyes on B2ST right now. I don't know why but I just do! I love their songs, choreography, and all . But still, for a korean guy, I kept my eyes on Lee Seung Gi for the first guy .

But I still can't pick whom I like the most . It is a competition between HyunSeung and GiKwang .Wahh, I can't believe i am going to say this.

Dangsineul saranghaneum Oppa-jedeul ttul da itseumnida !
Making subs really does pay off.

The upper one is HyunSeung oppa, and at the bottom is GiKwang or AJ oppa.



MYShawols said...

GiKwand and Yoseob are mine babe . -Arqyla

Najwa Nasir said...

Hye, you have minho what? The others are up to me ;p