November 5, 2010

Watashi ga samishii

Want to know what the ↑ means? Searched it on google laa!

Hmm, let's talk about yesterday :) .

I went to MidValley with Amalina Azmi and bought "MY" movie's tickets, that is an exact ONE okayy . Then, bought BK's ice cream to fill MY tummy . But then, after I we walked a little the little groom had arrived to pick the little bride. So, I parted away and walked alone. I finished my ice cream and went to shop a little. Then, I went to the lower ground because my tummy is directing an orchestra, I ate pretzels and a lemonade. After that went UP! UP! UP! to the cinemas. I sat beside a chinese lady . I watched the same movie as aml and hnf but not sitting with each other. After it ended, I went to shop again and after that eat again. I ate at KennyR and sat alone while all the cute waiters did their work :). After that going up again to buy a some more things.
Last but not least, waiting Aml to go home .

Yeah, I supposed it was fun . I bought Ana's present while I was there too and bought the same one for me too! It was not that fun actually, people kept staring at me, I was confuse and trembling like I was half paralized and I felt lonely , sorry Amal for lying


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