December 3, 2010

55th !

It's my 55th posts !

Love the ipad !

Hmm, there is nothing to be happy about since it is just 55 . Thats really not much if I want to compare to other blogs TT . But, since this is my blog and min only , I'll cooperate with the 55th and celebrate with SUDOKU! Somehow I am addicted to sudoku and other brain games. I am turning into a 16-to-be geek ! WUUHAUUU! TT TT !

Personal Message to my readers : If you notice, I am starting to use "TT" for sad right? Here's the reason, I watched Qualification Of Men and a 50+ year old [Gyeonggyu I guess] sad that 'TT' is a simbol for crying. My Sony! I just knew that -.- but a 50+ year old knew it all along . I am ashame of myself. At least he doesn't know how to make it (^^)


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