December 10, 2010

Its hard to believe

Yes yes , its hard to believe that a happy go lucky person such as me is having tons of emotional problems. Well, there is nothing that I can do since I am human too .

Maybe some people call me "the person without emotions" some call me especially guys "the anoyying girl who just can't go away" but I call myself "the lonely girl who have been faking a lot of things"

I'm confessing !
To tell the truth , I hate smiling and I have almost faked all of my smiles [I know, I did a good job right?] But, if I don't smile? Who would be my friend? When I first entered SMKSI , I was like "it must be hard for me to find friends right?" I was obviously crying inside since when I was SKBS , I don't even had many friends so how can I find a friend? And my thoughts was right! It took me almost 3months to make "A FRIEND" . Poor me right? Don't need to since i'm used to this .

It maybe just another 2 years? 1 year? for something bad to really happen right? I'll look forward to it . I'm particaly crying now . I should stop . Plus I'm tired of writing (^^) .

To end this i'll make a poem:
ABC was learn when we were little talking sunshines,
Teachers like that shine the most which made me hurt my spine ,
The start of life is always hardest,
People always give a big hand for the greatest.

Amazing acts will always be the host,
To think that this poem had nothing to do with the post,
The tears on my cheeks are the proves that I cry,
Saying this is today's goodbye.

A computer doesn't losses its ink,
"Its hard to believe" is the easiest title to think,
Till later is the best word to have said,
Cause it is time for me to go to bed.

Bye , tillehooo

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