December 30, 2010

Sundenly I am SHOCK

Left ; is me then and Right ; is me NOW!

I was wondering about school for 2011 and so I thought "my oh my, the subjects next year must be hard ayte?" . Then my smile vanished in a thin air because I hadn't been reading these days! I didn't even read novels for crying out loud ! I'm afraid that it'll be hard for me in the 2011 ! After PMR's last paper ended I ran home and just head to my computer and since then my bestiee is my computer and my father's laptop. HAAAAAA! I feel like shouting but that wouldn't help my crisis so , I better start reading again while playing the lappy

The book that I'm about to read is a 'self-improvement genre' so do you think I can improve myself in life?*Wow, thats gotta be a BIG question mark !

Title : The Secret - Daily Teachings by Rhonda Byne .


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