March 14, 2011

ABRSM Test !

Today, 14th March 2011 I, Nurul Najwa Binti Mohd Nasir has my ABRSM test. What is ABRSM? It is a music theory test taken by all music learners. Yes, it was a writing test not a practical test .

It was held at SRJK (C) Taman Connaught and you bet that their school were awesome. Chinese school are definitely not like my school it is 3times greater. Every class have aircond and projector. Great huh? Thats only the secondary school not yet the high school . Okay, I sat in front of a cute chinese boy and beside his is another cute chinese boy and beside him is another cute chinese boy and I felt like I can fly ~ HAHA. The exam were not that hard so I really hope that I pass this with great marks so that my teacher, Miss Leong would be so proud.

At first, I was so scared to take the test then I text Princess Anna and she calmed me down and for that Thank You So Much Anna! You are the best ! Then after I finished the test I went down to wait for my parents and I saw Beverly Anne(A pretty girl from my school that go to the same music class as me and her brother too) . Her brother were there too with such a weird hairstyle. But that don't bug me and I guess she took the test too . Even though it was lonely, it was fun too. I got to see BA's brother :), apek apek comel ! HAHA . I hope next year will be greater than this year! Ngee *grin* .


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