March 17, 2011

I Miss You Guys

HELLO ! Lets talk "PAST"!

I was reading Kila's Blog (my friend from SKBS) and I found out that I really miss you guys.
You guys was the greatest and ofcourse Hazirah and Nabilah too . Sorry that I took yr picture without permission :P . But I really do miss you guys! Setiap kali chat dengan Ya cakap nak hangout, mesti tak jadi. Nak sangat keluar dengan korang even if it just by going to mcD, I still want to hangout with you guys at least once [Lagi banyak, lagi bagus] . I have to say, this is the disadvantage of going to another school :( .

You guys are the nicest person that I met on my early life ! XOXO

PS: I miss the others too of course



wani kecik said...

rindu najwa jugak <3

Najwa Nasir said...


kila said...

najwaaa , i miss you too . its okay pasal ambik gamba ni , HAHA .kita meet akhir tahun nanti nak , biar semua orang ada . baru seronok :)

Najwa Nasir said...

HEE :D and yess I want to!! But of course not at TS. HAHA