March 18, 2011

Yesterday Morning

Yesterday, I did two eh no three things to be exact tapi mula mesti cerita daripada pagi punya kan kan? ^_-


(Nona Kikin, Sya Azmi, Aisyah BK, Ilham, Farzana, Farzana's sisters (Aisyah aand Aqilah), Hidayah)
I know, it was nothing to be soo excited about but yess I love basketball it just that I don't have plenty of time to do it regularly and also time to learn it [HEE, tak reti main ;P] . Shikin told me to comeat 7 o'clock but I got up at 7.15 and taught "AHH, Malaslaaa" but then Sya called and said that she will be late too, so I got up and wash my face and brush my teeth and change from my pajamas to my sport attire. Unfortunately, I didn't shower ;P . Who cares right?

I went there by riding my bicycle and boy it had been so long since I last rode it. It was great riding it because I am more faster than before. When I arrived, I saw Sya's brother's motorcycle and was like, "aku paling lambat ke?". So, despite the facts that I was the last to arrive, I just climb the wall and jump! There was guys but I didn't gave a damn about them. I walk like I won the lottery and was told to stop doing that by Ilham =.= . So here our conversation:

I: Awa jangan buat macam tu!!!
A: Apsal?
I: Kau taknampak ke?
A: Apa?
I: Awa, kau kene pakai spects kot hihi
[heh -,-]
[Then I looked at the guys]
A: AAAH, its okay i have nothing to do with him :D
I: Nasib baik
[Well some of it were true but some of it I forgot :P]

So it was him,
***** there but I really got nothing to do with him and I don't even like him :S . Yess, I am a complicated girl who love to try. So I played and I asked:

A:Mana background music?
ALL:Mana ada HAHA
A:Biar aku nyanyi laa2011! Follow me bigbang bigbang! We're back again one more time say!
[And I seriously didn't want to look at the guys for that!]

After a while, the guys took our spot without our permission and we were frustrated! Kurang Ajar ! **** !So we went to Impian Kasih playground and
started dancing and recording! HAHA. It was fun! We also used curse words for the boys.

We danced ;
2PM - Without you , SHINee - Hello, f(x) - Nu ABO, T-ara - Yayayah, 2PM - I'll be back

HAHA, we were soo tired after dancing all of the songs ! Ngee, guys I hope we can do it again and next time greater and Shida and Aisyah ada pun best juga!

That's all for yesterday morning.


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