April 10, 2011

After The Rain, Appear a Rainbow

Hmm, before anything should I say thank you to Amalina Azmi first? Yess, I should right? Thank you Amalina Azmi, if you don't have a blog title called 'After a hurricane, comes a rainbow' then maybe I'll be not able to put a title to my blog post. So again, thank you and you know I love you :) .

Okay, go to the topic !
Even though I am sad that Yamapi's birthday had ended but I still remember that today is 'UHUM's' birthdayy . WOW! Two days in a row! That gotta be a record ! HAHA .

Hmm SO ,


I know that you don't read my blog and also don't even know I have a blog but it just that I really want to wish to you and I am to shy to do it at school so here I am wishing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you that had always brighten my day up [CEHH -.-]



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