April 22, 2011

A Young Patient

Heyya guys, I didn't go to school for the past 2 days and I had fun but even so I still have to do homework. Oh myy, Ana told me that we have to hand in our addmaths book tomorrow and hell yeah I left behind but I still want to hand in my book so yeah the only way is to try studying first and if I cant, then ANABANANA YOUR BOOK xP .

Im here today at home is not because of Im lazy to go to school .At first it was like that xD I am sick! I got the flew, fever, a hurt eye, cough and a sore throat. Many right? The medicine are also many yaww, haih how to eat all of them. FYI, hurt eye is when my eyes turn red and people cant look at it because it will infect them too.

So, because of the above, I am here coughing at home while losing my voice. MY BEAUTIFUL VOICE ! ! ! Tulah nak sangat cuti HEE

Okay, thats that, thank you for reading :)

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