May 15, 2011

Amalina Azmi, 14th May

Yess I know I know I am hella late to post about it and I didn't wish her birthday at midnight.

You have to forgive me after you look at my eyes below :)

The person I'm talking about right now is jajaaaaannnnggg her ;
Amalina Azmi

Amal, you should know why I pick this picture ngehheeeeeee xD

So again and again Happy 16th birthday or for today should I say happy belated sweet sixteen.
Hmm, I read your blog and how I envy you. You got the day of yr life! just like i wished ;P I never got a day like that pftt -.- . Okay we made a deal about picking our stuff thingy and I can't wait about it !!! It had been decades(with an english accent) since our last hangout, I think it was at midV I think and I miss hanging out with you girlfwenn.

I think i should make a message :)

Dear Amalina Azmi,
You are one of the bestestbestfriend i ever have.I really miss 2008 with you, it was my KEGEMILANGAN YEAR and hell yes I had so much fun that year and boyy how I wish 2008 hadn't left. But life goes on, you have your DAMS beside you and i'm happy to see that :) . How sometimes I kinda feel sad when I walk with you I had nothing to say when actually I have a million and one things to say. One of it is, I think most people look upon me as a simple girl that love JPOP and have no interest in other thing. But infact, you guys are kinda wrong I love fashion its kinda like my passion except that I have no time to search for the new trend and how I hope people would tell me about it but unfortunately nadaa no one tell me about it, it breaks my heart . I hope that you can tell me bits about it because as you know I am busy as a doctor for crying out loud ;((. But behind this message I want to personally tell you I love you till infinity Amalina and I can't erase that even though how far apart we become. I hope I can get over my ego and talk to you like I used to.

Till school, PEACE OUT HEHE XD .

Sincerely by,

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