June 18, 2011

Birds Poo Gave Luck

Today, 18th of June 2011, I, Nurul Najwa had bird's poo on my arm and it was clearly like came from the sky. It was extremely yucky and I was like, DAD!! Oh my, a bird had pooped on my arm! And guess what my father said? GUESS! Hmm, okay i'll tell ya ;

D : Awa dapat ONG tu!
I : *while washing my hands besides my dad's car* Banyak la ong, ong tu apa?
A : Ong tu, macam lucky la.
I : Oh, kira awa akan dapat duit banyak la ni?
D : Benda lucky bukan duit je laa!

Is this superstitious? I don't believe all these things but I kinda hope i'll be lucky at something :)

Oh ya to end this, my mom sad that Uncle Aziz (Dad's friend) once had bird poo also but on his forehead and after that somehow he won a lottery and got a new refrigerator! WAH! And mom said, "you are a one lucky girl darling. Birds doesn't poo on anyone you know?" :S


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Anonymous said...

awa kann mmg lucky =.=" (jeles) HAHA