June 7, 2011

A Little Glimpse About Me and Shopping

Hmm, yesterday I went to Sunway Piramid and yes yes yes I have nothing to talk about except that I didn't SHOP!

It was fun but for the fact that I was only window shopping, made me mad and regret for not buying anything. I guess i'm better off alone, I think I just cant get use to being with people when I want to shop because the only thing I see when I shop with someone is ugly clothes all over -.- . At the end when I got in the car, I just remembered all of the BEAUTIFUL CLOTHES in the shop, huh!

Shopping with my mum is kinda dull because she doesn't like my type of fashion and sometimes shop with a friend can be so fun ! They can help me choose because we are in the same era of fashion. It just that I have no friend to go help me shop because they are too busy [T.T] .

All of that does make me sad but what the heck? THATS MY LIFE .

I'll try harder to shop with my mom next time or just ask for money and go shop by myself, TEEHEE (^^)


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