September 5, 2010


I supposed to go to Sogo today but how come my mother just kept quiet by it?

Well I don't really care about it since I am not a fan of shopping. I am as well hate Raya. I only celebrate Raya to get free money from other people. Isn't that Fab! Free money people, who doesn't want it? But, I am afraid that this year I will not get as many money as pass years, since I am getting bigger and bigger and bigger! Pfft -,-. kay change of topic. Sogo is a place that people go to buy clothes, handbags, clone, shoes, and many more. There is also Jalan Tar there, which people have to walk to go to! What a waste of time :). I hate walking in front of strangers. But when I go there the only thing to do is walk in front of strangers. Ughh!

But there is no other way, right? I have to end this topic but I don't know how. So , byee.


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