October 16, 2010

Happy Time on 16th October 2010

I had fun! I really did had fun at SKSI's Canteen Day and Qila Najwa's Partayy! Let me tell ya bout' today to ya'll!

I woke up early today because I had to accompany my lil sister to her school's canteen day. I did not make a big deal about it and just went with the flow of being a good big sister. HAHA. So I went there, and had fun with Anaa, take some shots of the people we admire and eating and eating! HAHA. But it was not that long because, I had to go to Piano class on 11 a.m .

I went to Piano Class with an ease and even played very well today. What? I maybe look stupid but I be an ideal girl okayy. I stayed there for about 2 hours and straight away went to Qila's house =D .

At Qila's house,

I met all of my friends from my class, well almost all and I ate again, HAHA! People can say that my hobby is eating and I don't mind. I am kind hearted, aite? So, rabeey took my camera and snapped our picture. I am thankful of that. Thank you Rabeey! We played and walk under the uncloudy sky =P . It was fun I think.

I am verry sorry, I think I am out of ideas to write, so I stop now before I write other stupid things.


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