November 9, 2010

A Big WHOO For The Addictor

Addictor? Is there a word like that? I guess not, since I write it and there is a loonggg red thingy. Like this;

I am going to show my desktop and show to the world how crazy I am to the one and only YAMAPI! Who else huh? HEE :D . So, here I go ;

This was how I arranged it, before I change desktop background.

And this is now! Can never let the prince's face block by some tiny little things.

What? You can't see it? It's a big "Y" laa. It's stands for YAMAPI! HAHA.

I know I am kinda crazy but what do I care, it's my life not yours. I love a person that I can't never get. So what?At least, they can't hurt my feelings . BLUEKKK XP.


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