November 9, 2010

Tired is Another Word For School

My, I am tireeeeedddd!
Today my school held some various games. My teammates are, Da'ae, Ana, Arqyho, Zalikha, Ilham, Afiqah, Aqilah Najwa, Shikin, Annisa. Makes it , 10 peoples including me. Want to know what we played?

We played;
- throw and pass the water balloon.
- pass the rubber bands using a straw
- throw the hoolaa-hoop into the cone
- Get the treasure in the flour
- Make a tower with your shoes
- Who make the longest some-ing
- Pop the balloon that is on somebody's feet
- Together we survive, break we fall

I guess that's it? I can't really remember. I talk about the details on other posts.


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