November 1, 2010

A First Start of Something

This is my first ponteng (skipping school) since PMR ended! YAY! Man, am I having a lifetime or what?Of course, I'm going with having a lifetime ! This could be my first and last ponteng I guess :( . Ekk :P , there will be ponteng-ing again! I will make sure of it. HAHA.Again and again and again *rolling on the grounds while singing 2PM's Again and Again.

But, I still have no exciting things to do -,- . My father is at work and my mother too. My brother is about to go to school , I want to ask him if he can skip but he have an exams today :( , poor bro . HAHA. My sister is also at school. This makes me feel so lonely at home, poohoo! Ugh , why don't I just continue downloading and making my playfulkiss subs .

Tilleethen .


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