November 1, 2010

Oh My Coach , I'm Startled

My alarm had went off. It was so loud and I was afraid. My brother was in his toilet showering while singing which made him deaf from hearing the noisy alarm noise . So, there was I in my room panicking while holding my phone and dialing my father's number. My hand was trembling like snow was outside my window. After I got hold of my dad, he asked me to calm down a little and so I did.

While the alarm is still making noise, I kept calm and soon it had stopped. Whew, I am so trilled but I still stayed put in my room for safety. HEE :D. But then, someone knocked on my door and I was like "who's there?", the person kept quite and then I asked "Woi, siapa huh!?" then the person said "ASYRAF LAA! ". So I was relieved and opened my door. He told me that he heard our house phone ringing.So I said in my mind, "Wei, gilaa apa, aku dengar punya kuat alarm but kau dengar bunyi telefon?" . I kinda argued with him about that.

Then, I stayed in his room for a while until m father called. He said that the alarm was making noise because someone had hold my bro's window's grill. So we looked and saw, my bro's extremely stupid guitar was leaning against the window! What the -,- . I know right?

This is just stupid, I was afraid because of a GUITAR? Oh my louise vuitton! @#$%^&*(*

So that happened and I'm glad that I am safe .


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