November 11, 2010

Run As Fast As I Can

Today on the 11th of November which is Tegoshi Yuya's birthday "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", I played explorace with my mates. My t-mates are , "drumroollllll" afie afiqah, anaa zaanaa, dayah da'ae and qilla bangbung . Our team's name this time is "MAMABRAIN"! .

Ohh, I run as fast as I could today! It was tiring but refreshing at the same time. I was fast! Very fast [I think *_-] . It was not thaaaat hard but still, the checkpoints was like from the west side to the east side of Earth, this is what I call Evil! Pure evil! HAHA. The leader of the explorace organiser was like SHITTT and I am not hiding it because he is truly a SHITT! I don't want to write his name here but I'll give you a clue he is tall and BOROII! Get it? HAHA . The others was nice and gentle like a softener.

We got number 04 , pretty bad right? I know. But, there is no helping in that since it had past . *sob sob . I got flour and water all over me. People was like "Awa styloo!" Banyak laa styloo, it's stinklooo laa. With all the fun I got today, it made me forgot more easier [AWA SIOOTTT] . HAHA, I knoww ;p. I wish to play like today again, without today organiser of course .
I guess that all for this post,

see'a'latoo .


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