November 9, 2010

A Split Goes A Long Way

I am personally only wanting to talk about the game called "Who Make The Longest Some-ing!" a game that my friends and i played in school or should I say compete?
I want to write about "Did we win or not?", but I don't really remember ;P But we did win :) . Sorry , STML (Short Term Memory Loss) .

WARNING , once you finished reading maybe you will sayy wooooo! Gilaa Ah, Sanggup gilaa kot budak ni. HEE.

Here I go,

We had to build something long with our belonging's that are with us that time. Who build the longest WIN! So we started with our shoes and continued with our shoe laces. After that, we used stationary and finished with our socks UEKKK! Nastyy aite? I know :P . But after a while, we saw that other teams used their body, so we also wanted to do that. So, I said "I can do split!" and Zalikha said "Do it! Do it!" .

I thought twice to do it because we were on the center of school well not that center( di tempt krk beratur) . But still, form four was having their recess and people were everywhere! EVERYWHERE! But I thought of nothing and just thought of the team and DID IT! I did it at school in front of a lot of people! Najwa Jalil was like "WOOAAHHH AWA!" and I was a little shy because of that. Unfortunately, I didn't know what number did we won . What a stupid girl I am aite? HAHA.I don't care if you want to say that I am stupid or anything but I can do split! A great split! Ohh yeahh, I am actually flexible even for a fat person like me(I can do various other things! HAHA) .



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