December 24, 2010


Almost all 1995-ian are talking about result and that includes me too . But sometimes these "things" really burdens me ;( .

Hmm, I am thankful for what I got but people 'older people' always say "Macam mana boleh dapat Sejarah B ?" "Aishhh ruginyaaa" "Apa Sejarah B?Haihhh" , these words burdens me >_< . Just shut up . I did my best and I did a a few careless mistakes on the history test and I know it because I'd check it . So can't you be thankful for my result but its also a bumer because that the seniors that say all those lines are people that I am not fond of . So I just going to say, just get on with your work.

I'll work harder for my SPM, in order to make you strangers happy, okayy? But truthfully, it'll be great if my name were listed in the straight A's people . If I were to be listed I would be in the top 13 I guess. HAHA, keep dreaming Awa . I'm thinking of taking a picture with my result (^^) , just to show my kidss one day so that they can beat me (^^) .

Its getting pretty late and I have to watch 1night2days so, I stop here then . Todlieehooo (^^) (^^)


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