December 23, 2010

Habit Shmoobit

I have a terrible habit . I always post many posts and then for about a week or so I'll always leave my blog unedited . Why am I like this? This upsets me and I think only for me because I am certain that nobody reads my blog . Right? [Lookie i'm talking to myself ;p]

How to make my blog famous like Amal's? Its hard , because I don't have a pretty face to seduce people to read my blog and also I am not good with my writing either . I don't have pweety words to write and can even think of one *i'm not a smartie pants .

Yeah , yeahh I'm a girl who nags a lot in her blog but that doesn't mean that I want people to stop reading right? pfft -,- this is hurting my brain .

Soo, toodles ;P


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