December 13, 2010

YamaChi's Progress ! !

Two Hey!Say! JUMP members (also Hey!Say! 7 and NYC), Yamada Ryosuke and Chinen Yuri have been chosen as supporters for “The 63rd National High School Volleyball Tournament (aka: Harukou Volley),” which will be held from January 5th – 9th.

“Harukou Volley” is usually held in March, however, starting in 2011, it will be held in January and senior players (previously, only 1st and 2nd year students were allowed to join the tournament) will be able to participate in the tournament.

Both members have participated in “Harukou Volley” as supporters (as Hey!Say! JUMP in 2008, 2009, and Hey!Say! 7 in 2010) for the past three years, making 2011 their 4th time. At the event, Yamada and Chinen will cheer and interview the players. Moreover, their song “FLY,” which will be included in Hey!Say! JUMP’s upcoming single “Arigatou ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~” (only in regular edition) has been chosen as the theme song of the event!

At the press conference, Chinen talked about interviewing tall players, “I may bring a stool, so that I can interview them eye to eye. It’s not cool if I have to keep looking up.” Yamada said, “Wherever I go, Chinen is there, since we go to same school and we are in the three groups together. He is like my bag.”

The tournament will be broadcasted only on Fuji Television.

Source: Sanspo

p/s : Wow ! They are seriously making progress ! Gambatte kudasai ikemen-onichan ! HAHA .

p/note : I just watched tensai shimura dobutsuen which had Yamada in it and Yamada look seriously like Yamapi now. A bit of me is very happy but another bit of me is kinda weird by tht and in Arigatou's PV Chinen's voice is sooooo manly than before ! Yabai, atashi ga koi ni chatta! Ahh, ano futari ga daisuki ! !


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