December 15, 2010

Thank You is a Wonderful Word

YAYY! I'd got my hands on , HSJ's new single and PV "Arigatou~ Sekai no Doko ni Itemo". I'll post it in AWAPISUBS . Ureshiii!
This song is sooo fabulous ! I am so into it . Days and night I hear it ;)

Oh yahh here is the list of "Thank You" that they said in the song [Arigatou! Sekai no doko ni itemo] .

Arigatou - Japanese
Thank you - English
Asante - Chiyao
Vandanegalu - Kannada
Terima kasih - Malay - - - - - My Language ! ! UWAAA!
Obrigado - Portugese
Dankeschee - Swabian
Gracias - Spanish
Xie xie - Chinese
Spasibo - Russian
Grazie - Italian
Khawp khun khrap - Thai
Moducué - Lucumí
Salamat po - Tagalog
Toa chie - Mandarin
Mu tashakkur - Farsi
Merci beaucoup - French
Komawoyo - Korean
Cám ơn - Vietnamese

I'm practically jumping high right now ! It's pretty hard to hear from Japanese Idols saying "Terima Kasih"!
Isn't it weird when the top three idols that I really love are releasing singles continuously? It just kept coming and coming ! Its like a dream come true!

FYI ; The top three idols that I love are , NewS, KAT-TUN and Hey Say Jump !

KYAAAAAAAA! *Jumping High

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