January 15, 2011

It Is Only Two Weeks

I feel sick. I need to study, download, diet, watch Yamapi,Kame and others, I also need to be nice, strike out or in other word "CA-PUP", learn language, piano class and many many many more ! I think I'm not stressed out. I think I am only short of time. I need to do all of the things that I like and also do homeworks and study. Don't you think that it is too much for me ? But I need to do all that my dream is to go to Meiji Daigaku [Meiji University] in Japan. I wish to study there and be a successful engineer ! But it is so hard.

I have absolutely no sweet memories. All of my sweet memories only makes me cry every time I call it back . So, I put it in my not-so-sweet-memories list. So how can I live? I am all about sulky. Nothing about me is great to hear . Sad right? I know -.- .

All I want is a person to be by my side as in a best friend . I have one , her name is syahirahAzmi but she is everyone's bff i think because she could be the nicest person ever . So who else can be my best friend? Hmm, Ana? She has her own group. I can't take her away. Who else? AmalinaAzmi? Hmm, that a 100% no-no . She too has her groups and they would hate me if I take Amal. Plus, I am not her ideal best friend .

UGH, world is hard ! Seriously hard . But, sometimes I think studying is the best thing to do when I am sad or just look at Yamapi's face makes me happy too .

Personal Note ; My flu is getting worser every each day . And I got the cough too. (T T)


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