January 1, 2011

It Sounded Like Whoosh !

Wow, time goes so fast ! Its already 2011 for crying out loud . I got 1 more day before school start and I didn't iron my school clothes yet . But, take that aside and I take this opportunity to say to everyone ;

HAPPY 2011 !

I'm going to be downloading the Johnny's Coundown Concert again, it feels like just yesterday I downloaded the JCC 2009-2010 and now I'll be downloading for the 2010-2011. UWAA. I'm getting old and I don't want to! My oh my , this september is my SWEET 16 but who will I celebrate it with ? HAIYOO . But, I'll leave it first cause today is a new start for everything .

Lets see , my resolution for this year are ;

  • Do better in school as in get nice grade .
  • LOSE WEIGHT ! ! ! !
  • Be taller?
  • Saving many many MONEY! !
  • Get into Language School [I'll wait for this until my parents money is stable]
  • Try to go to the exchange students program with Aisyah !! (^^)
  • Avoid JunkFood?
  • Do well on the Piano examinations
  • Give more help to my parents .
  • Be more flexible ;P
  • Get revenge to whoever that did bad things to me in these past years !
See? all of it are nice thing ;p Maybe you think that I forgot to write, get a new boyfiee but you're wrong ! I don't want it ! I hate boys ! HAHA .

Wow , what a post to start the new year . (-.-)


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