January 2, 2011

Its Her Sweet 16 !


She's cute right? She is a thousand times more cuter than I am except that I am not cute HAHA .

Dear Zety,
I know that you might not read my blog but I'll write this anyways. I hope you get the bestest day you ever had before on this special day. May Allah always bless you and I will always always love you no matter how sometimes I can be a bit softy . You are one of the bestest girlfriend I'd ever had and I just couldn't miss this day ! Everyday, eagerly waiting for this day ! And to tell you the truth I had always envy you because you are getting thinner and prettier everyday . Well, who can't resist that? HAHA . I guess I don't have anything to say anymore cause this-so-called letter might be ruin if I continue writting . So my last word are, I LOVE YOU ZETY TILL INFINITY and LOVE AND KISSES FROM EVERYONE HERE XOXO !

AWW , I MISS THIS ! (^^)

AWW, Look at us! We look so cute . HAHA .

Finally again;


1 comment:

z♥ said...

Awaaaaaa! I love love love you! I do read ur blog but I may not keep up to date but I do read and catch all the things I miss.
Thanks awa for this post. It meant everything to me :)
I love you awa n u will always be my awesome forever girlfriend, true friend, best friend and indeed a sister<3 :)