March 27, 2011

My Baby ;(

My hard-drive is broken ! My precious hard-drive is broken! I repeat; My precious precious 1 TERAbyte external hard-drive is broken ! [1 terabyte = 1000 gigabyte]

It's a 1 terabyte hard-drive and because of someone that accidently knocked down my 1 TERA HARD-DRIVE, it began to make noise that it is not suppose to make and also all of my data is gone. I was crying badly when I found out that my precious TERA is broken . It took me so long to finish each donwload! I was so patient and this is what you give me ? Huh?TERA? Everything is gone ! GONE I TELL YOU!

I think, I have to download everything again! The dramas that I downloaded! Ohh myy! Now I think that I want a megaupload to make my download finish faster !

Hmm, I better stop whining here because my tears is getting all over my face again ! :(


P/S MA&PA ; I want a new 1 terabyte external hard drive or 2 terabyte external herd drieve. HEE xD

Yours truly ,

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