March 27, 2011


Hello everybody ,

I am writing right now because I want to tell everyone that I am in charge of doing the "carta organisasi" for Kelab Permata . Somehow, I think it's not fair because I have to use my own money and the club didn't pay me . But, I think it's okay, it's macam berkhidmat pada negara lah gituu .

Soooo, I'll be doing the carta with Aisyah BK today! She will come to my house at about 2.30p.m I think. I can't wait ! But, what will we talk about? I am not a good talker -.- . It will be boring if we doesn't have anything to talk about. Hmm, clothes? JDramas? or just watch tv? Anywayy, I'll be waiting for you Aisyah !

btw; I didn't finish any of my homework xP


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