April 9, 2011

Yamapi's Diary 1695 -08 April 2008-

I was reading back all of Yamapi's past diary/nikki[in japanese] and I read the one after his trip to korea which lead him disaster and look at what he wrote ;

PM 6 : 37


Actually I went to Korea 3 days ago, for 2 days 1 night!
Had a great time!^^
KAN SAN HAM NI DA(Thank you in Korean)

Maybe some of you would have known by now.

On my return trip, I was surrounded by many fans who had gathered at the airport.
I was alright, just wondering whether those girls around me were hurt, a little worried.

The next time when I visit again, hope that it will be for concert performances.
Across the sea, over at the other country, there're so many people who know about me, I am overjoyed^^

I will work hard in order to achieve the target of staging concerts in many overseas countries!

Aww, he is so sweet even though he was not-okay that time and he even say that he is okay and ask that the others were hurt or not. HEY! You were the one that hurts laa! :( . I hope that, the thing that happened in Korea in 2008 will not repeat and good thing that, the second time he went there which is in 2011, there were no crowded situation :) .
Kamsahamnida Korean Fans (^_^)

Want to see what happened 4 years ago? Here;

Poor him right? I know TT.TT I really really really hope this will never repeat again ! ! !


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