April 9, 2011




Oh My Yamapi! It is finally that day of the year! It's Yamashita Tomohisa's also known as, YAMAPI's BIRTHDAY ! Today was a very great day , SERIOUSLY! So let's story story :)

It had been 8 years that I've celebrated this day and overall only one year that became a BUSH ! But the other years? HEE . Okay, you were so thin when I first know you and hell yess I hate you .

From the left; Moriuchi Takahiro[left],Kusano Hironori[Also left because of personal matters],Kato Shigeaki[Present], Koyama Keichiro[Present], Yamashita Tomohisa[Present and thin right?], Uchi Hiroki[Left because of PM], Nishikido Ryo[Present], Masuda Takahisa[Present], Tegoshi Yuya[Present]

From left; Yamapi [SOOO SOO SOO THIN !], Jimmy Mackey, Ikuta Toma

But look at him now ;

Ulalaa, eight packs or should I say lapan nasi impit ! NGEEE .

But then, I tried to watch your previous short drama called P.P.O.I which aired on 1999 and eventually I STARTED TO LOVE YOU! You were so cute in that and you have a talent ! That was when I first got tied up on you.

In P.P.O.I with Aiba Misaki[ARASHI]

After a while I really hooked up and you and you were the first hot guy that I saw my entire life and I was still a kid ! HAHA . I was soo sooo sooo falling in love when I watched Nobuta Wo Produce in 2005 but ofcourse that doesn't mean that i don't like Dragon Zakura , I LOVE THAT TOO! On the next year he act in Kurosagi and oh my love I fainted ! HAHA . And the other dramas after that, I can't write all of it because this post will be extremely long ! xP. So what I am trying to say here is you are a very good actor and can do all characters very well! And it was like seeing many many YAMAPIS.

Ahh, about his singing? Hmm, takyahh cakap lahh sungguh HEBAT ! Menari juga HEBAT ! Apa lagi HEBAT? Semua HEBAT! He work so hard even though sometimes he sings solo but he is so not low and always go ! [Huh? Tah apa apa yang awa merepek ni?] I hope he'll do his best on all of his career!! I'll always support you honey xD .

Look at him, working so hard :)

For my conclusion, I hope you are well right now because as the world know that your country is having a bad crisis and I'll do all my best to help and I already bought NEWS, KAT-TUN and HEY SAY JUMP's 2011 to 2012 Calendar ! :) . I hope that helps a bit .


Sincerely by a teenager who loves you for 9 years already :)

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