April 8, 2011

A Brief Detail About Me Today [8th April 2011]

I though that I was back to the blog maniac Awa but actually not! I still doesn't blog often but its okay because my blog is not that hella famous . Because that I am blogging right now so, should I say that I'm happy ?


I got to see my crush at school today! Want to know who is 'him'? He is 16 years old, not that tall, white (HEE), plays rugby and have friends . Thats all that I can tell if I say any further then my secret will be blown! And I don't want that to happen ! HIS BIRTHDAY IS ON THE 10TH OF APRIL 1995 , its this Sunday CAN'T WAIT!

Other than that, I also bought Luthfi's TART! It was soooooooooooo deliciousoooooooo ! I seldom buy tarts so I get so hyper up everytime I buy it HAHA . Luthfi's tarts is one of the must eat before we die food and I assure it! Thanks Luthfi for selling the AWESOME tarts .

So, what else? Hmm, I went to Puteri Islam's club meeting and it was so fun and I have to say that scouts meeting is soo boring that made me don't want to go ! But, PUTERI ISLAM... WOOW!

Hmm I think thats all and please wait for my next blog post because the next post is about Yamapi's birthday tomorrow ! This guy's birthday is a must to celebrate every year for me ! He is the love of my dreams ! HAHA

So, till then

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