April 3, 2011

My Baby ;) [Part 0.1]

Remember when I post about my hard drive that was broken ? Don't remember? Here let me make ya remembaa! ;

[Click on the picture to go to the post]

Dah habis ingat dah?Okay let me move on.

Now I don't have to make a gloomy face anymore ! Ask WHY! [Why?] Okay let me tell you why, HAHA. Because I already bought a new one! It's this one;

Much more cooler huh? I KNOW ! ! It costs me my dad around 233 hmm cheaper than the old one and guess what! My old TERA is sooo old that I can't even find it at LOW YAT! SIOT! Baru ingat nak beli murah murah ! HAHA. So, I had fun with it on my first day except that I have to download everything all over again. HAIIYAA . But, it's okay . Atleast I don't have to think about my TERA anymore because I have a new one called TERAREE HEE .

I'm having a blast here! Join me now ;P


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